The magic of Acupuncture

January 20, 2012

Had the best acupuncture with a colleague last Friday night. He used an amazing Japanese heating device thingy called an Onnetsu up and down my spine and either side of it, with the goal of balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems in mind.

It obviously bloody worked because i felt AMAZING the next day. Like I mean a complete absence of symptoms. Just normal, body calm. I had no idea how much I’ve become adjusted to a sense of constant struggle and internal war going on until I felt the relief of that.

It did slowly return after some busy work days, that sense of internal warring.. but for several days after the treatment I felt clear, and sweet, and calm and anxiety free. My only symptom was some fatigue after a couple of days but I didn’t mind that so much without all the inflammation. And it wasn’t like the dragging down, drugging you while you walk and try to socialise type of fatigue, it was manageable.

Going back for my 2nd treatment tonight!



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