One turn around the sun

December 22, 2011

Wow, has it really been a year already? I was just dusting myself off from the last post and then here we are already!

It’s now been 2 years since I my diagnosis.. I have tried ‘everything’ in that time, and my illness is definitely 70-80% better than it was. I have now returned to more full time work, started my own business and managing my Hashi crashes with much better skill and dexterity than I was.

I have never had to take thyroxine and hope I never have to.. I don’t want to mask my symptoms or create negative feedback loops for my hormones.. I actually want to be well. (Hashimoto’s is supposed to be permanent and incurable). And I want to deal with the auto-immune component. And no offense to GPs, they are great for diagnosis, and are savvy pharmacists, but when it comes to aligning the body back to real health I’m yet to be impressed by anything they have to offer (I’m open to changing my mind about this at any given time).

This photo was taken of me a year ago and is a good example of my Hashi face.  This might not seem like a big deal except that it was taken during the day and I usually look like this (a little more electric and vital):

This photo was taken of me a year ago as well, during my birthday party, after I had stayed in bed the whole day to make sure I had the energy to go out for a few hours.

In the previous photo I feel like I look drugged, and that is exactly what having no  uptake of T3 in your system feels like. Like you’ve been given a shot of anaesthetic, and staying awake for public or social occasions is actually like some form of torture, I can tell you that! Also, Hashimoto’s related fatigue (for me anyway) is not just fatigue, it feels more like a war is going on in your body and you just have to shut down in order to reboot and stop the chaos.

Ironically after a really deep, good rest (and as long as I manage my diet and keep taking Chinese medicine/supplements) I feel beautiful, absolutely beautiful.. clear and fresh and vital (as sweet as the below picture), just how I imagine our human bodies are meant to feel like.. more than I think I ever felt like even before I was ever diagnosed or prior to the onset of the illness.

In future posts I’d like to go into my Hashimoto’s history, the treatments I’ve used, etiology (ie what I think caused it) and what I have learned in my past 2.5 years- on top of what I learned at uni/Chinese medicine in the hopes that other Hashi sufferers can get a bit excited about their own condition and progress with restoring themselves to TRUE health. And not just Hashimoto’s sufferers but anyone with any other conditions- fertility related, metabolic, other auto-immune nightmares, digestive problems, food intolerances, depression or anxiety disorders.. the list (unfortunately) goes on.. but I know one thing.. they are all inside the human body and can all be managed, if not cured or treated properly, to a greater degree no doubt than the sufferer at first hoped.

I’m pretty sure it won’t be a year til my next post, as I am getting pretty fired up and ready to go, and have a lot to share.

All the best, folks!


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